Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pony- A Love Story

Pony has been Jack's "lovey"since he was born. Pony had a small accident in Barga and needed a little plastic surgery on his face. I heard panic in Jack's voice as he asked me, "Mom- do you have your sewing kit with you? The one with the needle and thread?" (yeah, that would be the sewing kit, the one with the needle and thread) Pony's face started to separate from his head. Uh oh. I'm not a good sewer. My mother fixed him last time. And then she tea stained the patch to match the rest of face. Time to belly up to the bar and see if I get the "magic mother can fix anything" merit badge.

I got a piece of t-shirt and reattached his face. It was important to make sure I didn't cover up his nose holes, so he could breathe. The look of relief on his face after Pony was put back together was so powerful and wonderful. I did feel like the magic mother who could fix anything.

Here's a portrait Jack did of Pony.

And a picture of the real article. See his patch?
The picture of love.


Karima said...

Hi saw you on the blog hop, I am now google following you. So many times I have had to repair toys and cuddlys for the kids too! Would love if you could pop by and maybe follow me too, Karima x

Jill said...

Phew! Great job - and Pony looks as good as new - and just like is perfect portrait!!

Thanks for linking to the Creating Success Worldwide blog hop!! I'm following you now and hope you'll come back again next week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success