Saturday, July 9, 2011

Barcelona!! We like this town!

We finally pulled in to town kind of later than we wanted to- a recurring theme on our trip. We had time to walk out to dinner and then down to the beach.  It was a beautiful night, and everyone was out walking the Rambla (not La Rambla, but a Rambla near the hotel. I guess Rambla is a common term for the green space in the middle of a boulevard. This one was very nice, with restaurant tables and benches to sit on. We had our first Sangria of the trip, which I immediately tipped over onto Kathy. Good thing she carries that "Stain Stick" everywhere!!

 It took three shots to get one where we don't look demented.

This woman was a mime, and if you gave her money she opened her book and gave you a fortune. 
Then we went down to the beach. There was a climbing structure which was really fun. And the sand and waves, which are always fun.
 No ball playing in the park near the beach.
 THIS is a funny family.

 I liked this sign on the beach. Gently reminding, not bludgeoning you.
 Sunset at the beach.
Jordan in the crow's nest.

Jack and Steve- Top of the World

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