Sunday, July 31, 2011

Small Town America Fire Department Training

On our way back from Laura's farm, we saw all these flashing lights. A whole lotta fire trucks parked next to the lake. Which is strange, because there's nothing there that could burn; it's a lake afterall. And a cemetary- nothing there that can burn either. I thought  maybe there was an accident. Then I noticed that all the fire trucks were aiming their water hoses into the lake. Okay, now I had to stop.  What the...?

The firman came over to tell me that the road was closed for their training. I said we just wanted to take some pictures. Then, like almost all firemen he invited Jack over to put on the fireman's hat and touch stuff on the truck. I LOVE that about firemen. They all know that little kids love firetrucks and they all want the little kids to love firetrucks as much as they clearly do, and so they invite the kids right in to check it all out.
Then the fireman said he'd help me get by the trucks. I said that we were in fact not going down this street anyway, but had stopped just to watch the trucks. He seems Oh So pleased by that. Good end to the day. Everyone was happy.

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