Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pisa Tower Tour- It sounded like SUCH a good idea

We went to Pisa today and it was Really Cool. All the grownups admitted later that they were a little skeptical about going. All the cheesy Italian American restaurants in the US have some painting of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and it seems so overdone and cliche. But, as is true of many things in life-- being there is different. It was beautiful.  When we got there, it was very crowded, but we found 2 free parking spaces- the Parking Gods are on our side today. We walked over to the Piazza del Miracoli and it was quite crowded with everyone posing for pictures to make it look like they're pushing the tower over, or straightening it up. One young woman was in a yoga pose on her shoulders, with her feet in the air. It was almost as much fun to watch people look so silly as to see the tower itself.  We, of course, joined right in!! When in Pisa, strike a silly pose!!
 Here's Nate, kicking over the tower.

 We packed a lunch, found a shady spot and enjoyed the breeze.

When Kathy and I were trying to book the tour/ walk up to the top of the tower we discovered that you had to be 8 to go up, and that they asked for ID. So, Jack couldn't go, and I volunteered to sit it out with him, mostly because I thought it wouldn't really be that big a deal.  We stayed behind and took some pictures of the intrepid tourists as they scaled the heights. When they came back, we realized why younger kids are not allowed to go-- the tilt of the tower is very disorienting and makes you feel sick. Nate said it was "terrifying" and they all had to lie down for a bit afterward.

After everyone recovered from their motion sickness, we managed to see more of the Piazza. The duomo was beautiful. Kathy, Jane and I went into the area reserved for praying- that part was free. Then we went into the tourist part- 2 euro to get in.

Jordan went as well, and got the pleasure of wearing something more modest over her shorts and tank top. Her paper dress was a big hit with the other kids and everyone was jealous that she got this fabulous keepsake from the trip.  While we were in the church, she heard these people talking about her in English, assuming that she couldn't understand them, "Oh look, she tied her belt to make it look nicer."

Then, the Gelato Tour continued, and we drove home for the day.  Here we're leaving the walls of the city.

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