Friday, July 8, 2011


We drove to Viareggio today; it wasn't a great beach day, but it was hot and the sea was calling our names. We can only drag the kids to so many cultural things before we experience a full scale revolt. And, so- off to the beach. I didn't want to bring my camera; I wanted to "experience the day" and not be looking for things that would be a funny picture or be thinking through the lens. Now I wish I took more pictures; there were so many things I wish I could show you- the 80 year old woman complete with cane, rockin' a black bikini with her "leather handbag" skin. THAT would have been a great one. The people lying on one another in the "naked people" part of the beach that Nate thinks should be reserved for the young and beautiful.  In this case, I would agree. But no- all those will be left to your imagination. I do have a few pictures of the place though- here they are!

The "Gelato Tour continues- a solid B for Cellini Bar. 

We liked this guy riding 2 bikes. 

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