Friday, July 22, 2011

Re-entry. Hot and Bothered

We're HOME! It's 100 degrees. Literally. We are staying temporarily at Kent's parents' place outside of Boston, and it feels Really Far Outside of Boston.  Add to that the fact that we don't have a car, and I feel a bit of Nagykovacsi déjà vu- the "Holy Sh*t, what have we done?" feeling that wakes you up at night from a dead sleep. We have no car, no house and I have no job. "It's just part of the process", I keep telling myself, as my children turn into surly creatures, teasing each other and smart mouthing me. We've already left one person's house rather abruptly when Nate had a sudden teenager spell and gave me a flippant answer to a serious question. "Okay-- we're DONE- get in the car!" He looked shocked; "huh?" I said it again- "We're Done. Going Home. Get in the car." I was quiet most of the way home, and he ventured a wary "Mom?" About 20 minutes into the ride.  "Are you okay?" Yeah. I'm okay. I'm just a quart down, and so is everyone else. Everyone is tired, jet lagged and trying to re-establish the rhythm of life here. It's a hard thing. Nate says he wants to go back to Budapest in the fall. I'm half in, half out. It will get better; it's the transition that will kick you in the teeth. 

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