Saturday, July 2, 2011

Barga- Our home base this week

We had great intentions of getting out of Rome early to enjoy part of the day here in Barga. We were going to meet our friend at the Termini Train Station at 10:30 to pick up the rental car. There are 11 of us going to spend the week in Barga and our now slightly "worse for the wear" car holds 7 people, three ripstiks, luggage, ipods for 5 children, and some emergency food.  Kathy and Jane had reserved a midsize car that would hold 5 people, so that we wouldn't have to cram any "big kids" in the way back of the Opel. Good Plan, right?

Then we got to the station, and the rental car agency, and there were no big cars available..... Excuse Me??

We would have to wait; check back in a hour, but there were 2 families ahead of our group in the same situation. This was NOT looking good.  We waited for about an hour, and still no car available. It was looking like our first day in Budapest, where the 'person in charge" simply holds up one finger and says "One Hour" and there's nothing you can do but wait. But, we had an option for Plan B. They rented a smaller car, and we put 7 people in the Opel. Kent and I volunteer to take all the kids. They were happy because they didn't have to be split up, an we don't mind the music playing a little loud. Nate is the DJ most of the time and he plays a good mix, throwing us "old folk" a song we like every now and again. The funny thing is that lots of our music is now their music thanks to shows like "Glee" which has re-tread all those songs from the 70's and 80's. Makes it easier to listen together.

Matt was a good sport, sitting in back for part of the trip Four hours later, and here we are in Barga. What a beautiful little town!! The Gelato Tour continues and the children are happily ripstiking around in the yard. I admit, I was skeptical about bringing the ripstiks, but they were a good idea. The evolving new game is "Ripstik Soccer" which is just what it sounds like.  Pictures on that later.
Here's Barga:

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