Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's all about the WC

Here in Hungary and in the rest of Europe, people have to pee. Not just at home, but when they're outside too. And you know what??? They CAN. All over the place. It's possible. In Hungary and in other EU countries, there are buildings and rooms marked "WC", which stands for "Water Closet". This is a foreign concept in the US. (no pun intended) In the US there are Very Few public toilets, and you have to know where they are. They're not well marked. They're secret. And often they're dirty in addition to being few and far between. But, I for one am grateful for the insight of the Europeans for putting these out there for public use.  Here are some of them.

 Well marked-- Obvious

 Well marked-- Can't miss it.

Clear Signage- you know what this is.
Some are more colorful than others. But still- you get the message. 

And they're always nearby. How many times have I had to ask here in the US at a store, on;y to be told that they "don't have" a bathroom. Impossible. People have to pee sometimes.  US-- take note. Charge is you have to- give someone a job keeping it clean. But please-- put in more public toilets!!

My rant for the day. 

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