Friday, July 1, 2011

The Vatican summed up by the 7 Year Old: "Pretty but Boring"

We were thinking that we'd get to the Vatican well before our scheduled tour, and eat something for lunch.  HAHAHA- as I mentioned before, we rarely leave the house before noon. Today was no exception. We were running to make our scheduled time of 2 PM. And we hadn't eaten lunch. This did not bode well for our Vatican visit.

 Low Blood Sugar + 5 Children + 7 acres of Art =  A Very Long Day

We thought that the 2 hour tour included the Capella Sistina. Nope. It was 2 hours BEFORE the chapel, which we were allowed to go in by ourselves. At one point there was a division of the corridors-- one said the "Short tour- Capella Sistina". One said "Long Tour- Capella Sistina." We were longingly looking at the Short tour, but Chiarra, our fearless, very well informed, tour guide took the long way. We were crushed. 

The kids were troopers-- learning about Rafael and Michelangelo and fertility images, tapestries where the eyes of Jesus follow you as you walk by, famous baths with no entry point, the pineapple garden and the skin of St. Bartolomo which is really the self portrait of Michelangelo and the sculpture from Roman times that was the model for Jesus in the "Last Judgement". Nate was pleased with himself for recognizing Aeneas carrying his father in the "Burning of Troy" painting which is part of the "Burning of Borgo" painting by Rafael in one of the Pope's rooms. 

By the end of it, Jack was in a heap on the floor. I was worried that someone would step on his fingers, so I made him get up.  Kathy asked him how he liked the Vatican. His answer is the title of this entry. "Pretty. But Boring." 

Nate said the best piece of "art" was the sign that said "Uscita" (Exit).

Even that was long and Drawn Out. Please exit through the gift shop. 

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Amanda said...

Love it. I think if my parents had kept a blog when we were in Europe 25 years ago there might have been a few similar blog post titles!!