Monday, July 11, 2011

Hop On Hop Off Barcelona Bus- Guell Park

We took a Hop On Hop Off Tour today; usually I'm not thrilled about those kinds of things, but it seemed like a great way to get to all the things we might want to do without trying to figure out the subway. We're not opposed to the subway, but it's also nice to be above ground and get so see the lay of the land. Plus, our feet are tired and we like the idea of sitting while we get someplace.

When we were at the stop, Nate decided to chat up some pretty German girls who were on a group tour. He was very pleased with himself and the reception he got trying out his language skills. He is convinced that his Messi shirt gives him "good luck with the ladies". Kind of like a lucky pair of socks before the big game.

We went to Guell Park, which was really beautiful. Gaudi, hometown hero and amazing visionary architect designed this park as a housing development for the Guell Family, but it never got going. No one wanted to buy houses so far out of the downtown area. After a few years the family donated it to the city as a park. It's amazing.

This is Gaudi's house behind Jack and Nate. He lived here for 20 years and now it's a museum.
The "Lucky Shirt" worked its magic again when Nate was approached by another group of girls and asked to hop on their backs. They were on a scavenger hunt and needed a person in a Barcelona FCB shirt. Lucky Shirt INDEED!! The girls said they got extra credit for a "silly pose" and would Nate mind getting on her back. Jordan said she never heard Nate say yes so fast before!!

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Anonymous said...

Nate surrounded by euro babes, how funny, showing the Clarke Jedi mind trick so young in life. Well done.

Love Uncle Mike