Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hair Hair Hair !!

One of the things I've enjoyed and is SO different here is the range of color that people (mostly women) dye their hair. We went to a street festival yesterday where I tried to take lots of pictures of women's hair, dyed wild colors. (I tried to be discreet). At home, I associate wild hair color with teenagers or young adults who are kind of thumbing their nose at society or conventional ideas about beauty, or just trying to get their parents to have a cow. Hair color here seems unrelated to that. Here, hair seems like an accessory- people change their hair color more often, and they're definitely NOT trying to make it look natural or anything close to that. I'm including some of my favorites from yesterday. I'll write another post with kid pictures from the festival, but this one is for the ladies!!

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Cheryl said...

Love the hair colors! Love that they're on women of all ages! Also, I feel silly because I've been checking your blog periodically, and thought there were no new postings because I didn't get beyond the first picture shown. Duh.

Miss you a ton, and can't wait to really follow your blog now. Maybe it will make me feel closer to you and to really figure out when I'm coming to visit...