Monday, July 11, 2011

Cattish License Plates!

Jack has found his people! (See Jack's Mixed Metaphor for a more complete description of Cattish, his "Mother Tongue")

When we were driving across southern France, and particularly near Monaco we saw a couple of cars with license plates that had 2 letters and one number. They were orange license plates and Jack said these were the cattish license plates. Fancy cars, too. This one is a Rolls Royce.

Then we were in Barcelona and saw THIS-- the CAT license plates. Jack explained that the 2 letters and one number license plates were used before they joined the EU, and the CAT plates are used now that they're part of the EU.

Motorcycles are made between Spain and Catland; so they have to be registered in both.

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Anonymous said...

Old blog but the cars with yellow rare plates and no blue band aren't Catalan plates.

They are United Kingdom personalised plates in continental Europe. Just British people in another part of Europe. They should have GB stickers or EU plates but some don't bother.