Thursday, July 7, 2011

Florence- Art or Commerce?

We had tickets to see Michelangelo's David today. But it's getting later in the week, we've been staying up later at night, the kids are sleeping later in the morning and we're all getting tired and crabby. Not me, of course, but some people. :-)

We drove to Florence in 2 cars, trying to stay together. We have the most wonderful, awesome, fantastic GPS in the world and we would have far more trouble than we have had if we didn't have "Ginger" (as Kent calls her) guiding us. So-  we got to the train station, which seemed from the guide books as one of the best places to park, and then tried to negotiate our way to the Academia for our viewing. We stopped  in a grassy park where there were chains around all the grass to prevent people like us from sitting there to enjoy our lunch. Didn't deter us in the least!

We walked around the Duomo next and that's where the trouble really started. Kids were bored and listless, and not interested in the architecture. Some people wanted to shop. Some other people really didn't want anyone to shop. I would say it was "like herding cats", but that seems a bit too manageable. Spider monkeys maybe.
 Think we look like tourists??
 Bored children, Take I
 Bored Children: Take II
 Herding Spider Monkeys
 Bored Children: Take III
 The Fleur de Lys, the symbol of Florence.

So, we got separated a lot and came back together by fate or family gravity or sheer luck. Then we made it to the door marked "For Reservations" but there was a Big Line. What up with THAT?? We had been by the door an hour before and there was no line. So, we schlepped to the end of the line and then complained a little (but not too much) about buying tickets so we didn't have to wait in line. Then the line moved into the museum very quickly and all our whining was for nothing. But, like I said, we're tired and crabby.

But then-- we got to see the works of Lorenzo Bartolini and Michaelangelo- the Slaves and the David.  And all was forgotten and forgiven.

Then it was time to walk back to the car and we stumbled upon the outdoor market. Some people wanted to shop. Some other people really didn't want anyone to shop.  Earlier crankiness returned. Ruh Roh.
The street scene.
 No one should be without a disco ball or an Italian soccer jersey.
Or a Venetian mask.
We didn't buy anything. But it was fun to look.

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