Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Barcelone to Genova- long drive, quick rest and back on the road

Kent and Steve helped us pack up the car and we said our farewells this morning. I wish they were staying for the the rest of the trip, although the car will be less crowded, which is good I guess. We had a LONG day today. Barcelona to Genova.

We stopped a few times for bathroom break and food. One bathroom was particularly appealing- a squatter which didn't really flush well. Even Jack was appalled, and he loves all bathrooms.  But the scenery was A plus; it was a beautiful day and we couldn't have asked for better.

"Helen" is the new name that we chose for the GPS, from the Paul McCartney song "Helen Wheels". It seemed appropriate.  "Helen" got mad at us when we missed a turn coming into Genova, and we ended up in a literal tight spot where every available space was filled with a small Italian car or Vespa. Kathy was driving at this point and said she couldn't do it, that we had to switch places. She got out to help me back down part of the street (It really was more of an alley than a street, ending in a dead end at an apartment) and then do an eleven point turn between railings, cars and stone walls. The boys were still bickering in the back and I finally lost it and yelled at them to "SHUT IT!" Jordan was being so supportive; sensing our rising panic."You're doing really well, Auntie  Jane. You're doing a really good job."

When we finally got to the hotel the man at the desk was outside waiting for us. He said he had expected us a bit earlier. We didn't mention the alleyway, or the extra bathroom stops that slowed us down. He helped with the bags and Kathy went to check in with Jordan and Jack, while Nate and I went to park "up around the corner 20 meters". After the alleyway, I wanted some company. Then Kathy and I left the kids in the room to forage for food. We bought pizza to bring back to the kids and had a beer while we waited. Genova looks lovely, but we're not going to see it. It's just a layover for us.

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