Thursday, June 30, 2011

La Fontana di Trevi and Pizza Ciro- Best Pizza in Rome

We met up with some Italian relatives, Gennaro and Cristiana, at the Trevi Fountain. Everyone was blown away by how beautiful it was. And as a bonus, the kids were sitting next to Randy Jackson. (Not really, but Jack thought that the guy next to them really was Randy Jackson. And he played along "Dog!" he replied.) The Gelato tour continues, and the gelateria at la Fontana takes Very High marks.

We went to Pizza Ciro for dinner. Ciro came to Rome from Napoli and set up this pizza place many years ago. Gennaro and Cristiana said it was the best pizza in Rome, and we have to agree-- Delicious!! One of the kids asked Gennaro if she could have pineapple on her pizza. The look on his face was appalled. "Please don't make me ask this." he said.
Kathy loves her pizza "Buffala"

This is Ciro with Kathy, the brick oven in the background. 
Our family with Cristiana and Gennaro. Thanks for coming and showing us this gem!!

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