Friday, April 29, 2011

Track Meet- AISB and ICSB friendly meet

There was a friendly track meet at school today between AISB and the ICSB- the International Christian School of Budapest. Nate has been running track and field, and he participated in a few events. He ran the hurdles, pretty much for the first time.

He won! He also lost.... He was the only on in his race.  He also won and lost the high jump. He was the only middle schooler to do the high jump as well.

He's going to Munich in 2 weeks for a real meet, so this was a good practice.  The coach came over to chat with us and said that he was pleased with how Nate did, and how fearless he was to try new things. This is a trait I've always admired in Nate. He's game. It's something I never was; I was always too embarrassed, or too afraid to be embarrassed to try a lot of new things. I wish I had cared less, and tried more.
Jack on the other hand, is crying about T-ball right now. The drama of it all is killing me.  Every week he complains about going. Every week he cries about it, and says "You're killing me. Why are you torturing me by making me play T ball? I HATE T-ball." And then, when he gets there, he runs off to join the other kids, and never looks back. All the preceding drama is like a dream. At the end of the practice, I say "That was Fun, wasn't it? You got on base, you made a hit, you ran the bases." (yes, he agrees) "Will you PLEASE remember this next week-- that you had FUN." And he swears he will. But he never does.

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