Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Torture of Thai Masszázs

I went to A-list yesterday. This is the szépségszalon (the beauty salon) in Budapest where they speak English. All the expats go there, and I resisted at first because we wanted a 'more authentic experience' and so we all went to Beauty Hair here in Nagykovacsi. Then after a few bad haircuts, we gave in and decided that all the English speakers can't be wrong. 

I went there earlier in the week for a haircut and this Asian woman, Noi told me she would give me a hand massage while I was getting my hair cut. Good marketing on her part. After my lovely hand massage I signed up for a regular massage. I went yesterday and she asked if I wanted an "oil massage" or a Thai masszázs. All over Budapest there are Thai masszázs places and so I've been intrigued by it, and I didn't really feel like being all slicked up. A Thai masszázs it is! 

The massage was given on this large pad on the floor, instead of a table. She gave me these soft cotton pants and a large pullover top wear. The room was warm and comfortable, with a pretty metal lamp hanging in the corner of the room. I was feeling pretty good, thinking how lovely a massage would feel. And then she proceeded to climb around over me, bending my legs back at impossible angles, digging her elbows into my back and her heels into my hamstrings. She used the straight surface of her forearms like a scraper, kneading all along the sides of my shins. She used her thumbs to separate my calf muscles and dig into the deeper muscles underneath. I felt like I needed "labor breathing"- this tiny little woman was really strong!  What the hell was I thinking? I signed up for an HOUR, of THIS? Honestly I didn't think I'd make it. At the end, when I was paying for this rough treatment, the young woman at the desk said "A Thai Masszázs- you are really brave. I've worked here for 2 years and I've never had one." I can see why.  The smiling tiny Thai woman said, "Next time you come, we use oil." Next time, indeed. 

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