Monday, April 18, 2011

Prague Pics- Castle, Charles Bridge, Cathedral, things I thought were cool

The Prague castle is the largest castle in Europe; I took about a million pictures of it. I took a LOT of pictures in Prague. So many in fact, that my mother in law yelled at me.  After that, I toned it down a bit. In my defense, you have to take a lot of pictures, because in each one, someone might have their eyes closed, or your 6 year old might be making a gruesome face, or someone might have a statue seemingly growing out of their head. And everyone is capital H-Happy to see the pictures afterward.

Charles IV- the most important Czech ruler and the namesake of the Charles Bridge
 See what I mean? Kent has bunny ears in this photo. Small ones, but still....

Gotta touch the saint on the Charles Bridge.

And the dog. 

 Some interesting cherubs on a random building.

 Detail of the cherubs.

The Easter Markets in the Old Town Center

The Prague Castle at night and us on the Charles Bridge, tourists to the end!

Prague Castle at night.

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