Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Rant about T-Home, the telecom provider from Hell

Let me just tell you about T-Home. Same pink logo as T-Mobile, but without any need for customer service, since they seem to be the only provider of phone internet and TV. When we moved in we got internet "pretty fast" compared to most of the other teachers here. Pretty fast means about a month and half. Everyone else was Jealous. Most people it took 3-4+ months. One small problem, the bill is in someone else's name- Eles Peter.  Peter, as far as I know, never lived at this house but was the contractor or something like that. Andrea, our before mentioned Fairy Godmother called them to change the name on the bill.  One other issue- we're getting charged for TV, but we don't own a TV, so we'd like to reduce the monthly bill and not pay for something we can't use.  Andrea also tried to get rid of the TV part of the bill. This was all in November. They can't do that until December, after our bill is current. Okay- fair enough. (But why can't you change the service and then adjust the next bill?)  But then in December, the internet went down- really down. For weeks. I heard different stories- the server had crashed, someone had hit  a cable digging a tunnel, somehow the cables all got flooded. It was WEEKS without internet. We were home for three weeks of it, but it was still going on well into January. Did they not charge us for the month without internet, phone or TV (which we don't watch?) Of course not.

Andrea asked them again in January to change the name on the bill from Peter to Roland, the owner of the house (We can't get the bill in our names, which is probably just as well). She also asked them to change the service, which they did not.

Then we stopped getting a bill at all. It turns out instead of changing the name on the bill, they somehow found Peter Eles' address and started sending the bill to him at his address.  Funnily enough, he didn't pay the bill on a place he's never lived. Weird how that works.

Our internet got shut off on Monday.... They said it could be a couple of weeks, and we'll have to pay the reinstallment fee. And we still can't cancel the TV part, because we're not up to date on our bill. That they sent to someone else....


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