Monday, April 11, 2011

Ferenc Liszt Museum and Liszt's 200th Birthday!

and Poppop wanted to see the Ferenc Liszt Museum. I always thought he was Austrian, but it turns out he was a Hungarian. He lived in this apartment on Andrassy Ut for 6 years and gave lessons and concerts there. All this belongings from his apartment were given back to the people who made them when he died. Later, when they were creating the Liszt museum, people returned the items so that they could be included in the museum. It's easy to miss it- not at all well marked, and in an apartment building that is inhabited now. The museum makes you wear shoe covers, probably both for the noise and to protect the carpets and floors. I don't think you're supposed to take pictures, but I didn't use the flash, so I think it's okay! ;-)

Liszt's composing desk with 3 octave keyboard. The sound is like a tuned drum.

The chairs here were returned when the museum was being established, along with many other personal belongings, and this allowed them to recreate the bright color of the wallpaper which matched the embroidered chairs. 

This one is Liszt's concert piano. The very fancy music stand was given as a gift from his friends in VIenna and inscribed with all their names.

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