Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hike to the Tower

We've been looking at this tower on the other side of the valley since the day we moved in. We've been talking about hiking up there to see it. This weekend, we finally did it.  It's hard to see it in this picture, but that was our goal.
We hiked through the conservation land which surrounds the town.

At least, I think that what it says.

My children, who are usually such good hikers, complained for a lot of the way. It made for a very pleasant walk in the woods. I ignored them, concentrating on the "flora and fauna" of the Nagykovacsi conservation land. 
This bug is not as big as it looks in this picture, thankfully. 

Kent and I walked ahead of them and they hustled to catch up. They didn't want any of their whining to be wasted and everyone knows that old meditation, about if a child whines in the woods and no one is there to hear them, do they really make any sound? They were taking no chances.  It would be a shame to waste a whine, in their opinion. 

We made it! 

Hey- you can see our house from here, and where we usually hike.

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