Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prague Road Trip

We drove to Prague for the beginning of the April break. We're renting an apartment instead of a hotel room, and so had the strange experience of waiting on a street corner for someone we don't know to show up and let us into their house. I looked meaningfully into stranger's faces, and several people offered help. I guess I look both harmless and "in need of assistance".  The two apartments are in the same building, right next door to one another. Here's the outside of the building.

Here's the neighborhood church and the restaurant downstairs in the building.

Detail of the top of the round building.

Here's the courtyard.

Saturday morning, Jack and I went "foraging for food"- no luck in the beginning- Prague doesn't start it's day as early as Nagykovacsi and Budapest, where all the stores are open by 7 AM.  But the light was beautiful and the morning was quiet.

 The Charles Bridge.

The Prague Castle on the hill.

Then we got serious about finding some food and ended up at a Tesco. Bought coffee, and then figured out there was no coffee maker but there were filters. (so we made cowboy coffee) We got breakfast together and went out sightseeing for the day.  More pictures to follow.

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Craig Strachan said...

Any idea of the name of the church (or location), I am trying to track it down (I took a great pic of it when I was in Prague).