Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Czech and Hungarian Traditions of Easter Monday

Here in Europe, Easter Monday is a big thing. They have the day off from school and work. I never really understood the significance of it, but now, Jack and Vojte have explained it all to me.  In Prague, we saw all these braided sticks with ribbons on them. I asked what they were for and Vojta said that the boys are supposed to make them, not buy them, although now many people buy thm instead of making them. And on Easter Monday they're supposed to hit the girls with them, according to Vojta, in order to "make them fertile." 

Here's the story that Jack told me about how Easter Monday goes here. He learned it in Hungarian Culture class at school. And I quote: "So, the boys go to the girl's houses. They read a poem that they wrote to the girls,  and then they say "Can I sprinkle you?" at the end of the poem. Then the girls say "Yes" and the boy puts a little perfume on the girl's head. And then they have alcohol together, like wine and beer, and then the girl gives the boy a chocolate egg. And then by the end of the day the boys are drunk."  Miss Monika, the teacher, told him this.

Some egg related photos:

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