Monday, June 20, 2011

The Movers Are Here!

Today is the start of the end of our year in Europe. The movers are here, wrapping everything up, including some things that we didn't want them to wrap up. I've only had to ask them to unpack one box so far. They're Quick!! They're leaving the dining room table until tomorrow so we have some place to sit. We do have the plastic deck furniture, so we won't be reduced to sitting on the stairs like we were in the beginning.

Here's some pics from the day.

Mimi uses the word "Commode" to mean "toilet" and both ate and jack make fun of it. Today they got a kick out of the movers use of the word commode- for Nate's drawers. 

Jack has some things that are very precious to him and he wants to make sure they get home okay. I liked the first spelling, but Nate corrected him. He has a "single ladies' outfit of his own design. It's pretty funny I have to say.
Here's how the house looked at the end of packing Day 1. Then the guys loaded it into the truck and the house was empty.

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