Friday, June 17, 2011

The Pack Out Begins

I'm thinking a lot about the move, and both kids are too. We all have things that we want to keep safe and make sure that they get home, and Jack is no exception. Here's what he wants to Be Sure makes it to the US safely.

Yes, it's his "Single Lady's Outfit". This whole thing started with a 'Teacher Dare" fundraiser at school, where the high school was raising money for disaster relief in Japan. The teachers were asked what they would do to help raise money-- eat something disgusting (Kent agreed to this one), have their legs waxed (men only on this one; women already do this and not for charity), get "slimed" (this is the one Kent ended up doing) or pie in the face, or sumo wrestle, or do a dance to Beyonce's "Single Ladies". Three men teachers signed up for this one.

Jack was transfixed by the guys in drag, prancing around the stage.

As a result, Jack has devised his own costume,  and here he is in it.
He wants to be sure that the prized costume makes it home, so he can wear it again. There's also a cape that goes with it- a pirate-themed item that his Zia Giusy gave him. It's a nice combination. I don't have a picture of that, unfortunately.

The movers are here Monday and Tuesday. Then we're camping for a few days on the floor in the empty house, and then heading to Italy on our road trip.
Almost as exciting as "The Single Ladies" outfit.

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