Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Castiglione Del Lago

The Castle on the Lake. Kent found this town on line and booked 2 nights in a small hotel here on our way to meet Kathy and Steve in Rome. It turned out to be just a great place-- beautiful and not too touristy; more local tourists than Americans. But people speak English and we're brushing up on our Italian and getting along quite well. It's a walled city and our hotel is within the walls.

It's been Really Hot -- today, we went by boat to the Isola Maggiore- the Big Island in the lake and instead of hiking up to the medieval church, we found "La Spiagga"- the beach, and spent the day swimming.

Then we got on the boat for the return trip. I wasn't watching the time, and there were a bunch of people getting onto the boat, and so- we all followed like lemmings. And then we realized that we were headed off in the wrong direction to get back to our hotel.... hmmm... Kent talked to someone who said this boat didn't go to dock we wanted, but she said we could stay on until we got back to the Isola Maggiore, and then take the last boat back to Castiglione Del Lago. The kids were kind of freaked out by this. Maybe this is when Jack discovers his parent's fallibility. Nate's known it for a Long Time-- this is just more evidence of the same.

But I have to say, the boat ride at the end of the day when the sky was beautiful and the day was cooling off a little turned out to be a very good thing to have done.

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