Friday, October 1, 2010

More Nagykovacsi Pics

More pics about town.
I wonder if the roof leaks...

The Trendl Haz- local restaurant, serving goulash and other Hungarian specialities. This is right across from the bus stop, and when it was warmer, they had an outdoor ice cream stand. After we got off the bus I'd buy the kids an ice cream for the walk up the hill. 

The "old church"- right next to the Trendal Haz and the center of Tisza Istvan Ter (Steven Tisza Square)

I know it seems a bit morbid, but the cemetery here is kind of cool. 

Google translate says "Biting Dog". These kinds of signs are on almost every gate. 

Here's another one- something about the premises under watch.

The local Organic food store

This handsome guy reminds me of that cartoon "Foghorn Leghorn"

And here are some of my favorite Hungarian dogs:

This is Dorca-- she loves us.

This one is just like the dog on the bottle of wine I bought--

When I was in high school, if my friends and I didn't like the color of something, we would say "colors not found in nature" with a teenager's dismissive roll of our eyes.  I was thinking about it with regards to the hair pictures I posted before. But then the more I looked around me, I realized these colors WERE found in nature- and so I wanted to take back my mental eye roll---

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