Friday, October 29, 2010

Wien- A Beautiful City!

I don't want you to think I didn't enjoy Vienna-- quite the opposite. We thought it was great! We did all the touristy things we needed to do-- ate Sacher torte, went to the Mozart house, Stephansdom, Julius Meinl, Rathaus, Hof, the Lipizanner horses. 

The riding ring where the Lipinzzaner Horses practice. We were up along the top row for morning exercises.

At the Hofburg.

Jack can only stand still for one photo.

Here I am, dragging him through another.

Stand STILL, Jack. 

 Another view of the Hofburg. 

Parliament in the foreground, and the Rathaus (city hall) in the background.

We figured out the tram system.

Beautiful flower shop in back of Stephansdom.

Outside all the tourist attractions (State Opera house, the Stephansdom, .etc) are these guys are dressed like Mozart, shilling tickets for the concert. They can say "Mozart concert in probably10 languages. The guy told us "There are three things you must do while you are in Vienna- you must eat Sacher Torte, you must eat wiener schnitzel, and you must see a Mozart concert. We checked all the boxes. I would only do the Sacher torte again.

We went to this place that has a "resident orchestra". It was a beautiful building. 

But the orchestra-- they had the worst dresses I've seen in years. No lie. My friend Marj used to call these bridesmaid dresses "Nightmare in Pink" and these were nightmares in both pink and yellow. With big butt bows, and shoulder bows and dropped princess waists. I found this photo on line. Add to the fact that most of these gals are ten years older and 10 pounds heavier, and-- well, you see what I'm talking about. These dresses were ugly when they were new!

We were staying near Karlsplatz. Here's some pictures from our walks through the park there. 

Nate standing on a modern sculpture in front of Karlskirche. 

Karlskirche at night.

Karlskirche the next morning- a beautiful day!

Jack likes modern sculpture

Jack and Nate wanted to try "Blow" a "stimulation drink. I had my doubts....

We all tried it- yuck. 

In Stephansplatz. 

St. Peter's church along the Graben.

Here we are at the Westbahnhof, waiting for the train to Budapest. 

Here's some pictures from the train on the way home.

The houses at the bottom give a sense of how big the wind turbines were!

Beautiful countryside

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Cheryl said...

Oh, I'm so happy to see your recent posts. I kept checking, then missed a few. I love seeing your family, your adventures, and feeling your pain at paying some stupid amount of $ for piles of dirt. I've had similar experiences in the name of art and dance, my friend. Dirt? Really? That's stupid in any language. xoxo