Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Carleton Opera Hotel in Vienna

Here's where we stayed in Vienna. It was a recommendation from someone here at school. I called the hotel and the woman I spoke with recommended one of the apartments. It was great- 2 bedrooms , three bathroom, kitchen and living room. But-- very funky layout. Here's how we got to the room:
You had to go down the stairs from the lobby

out the back door, across a small courtyard

into another building

out the back of this building, too.

Through the second courtyard-- still with us?

Into the next building

Jack has the key to the elevator.

Here we are!! In our apartment!!

 View of the street from our living room windows:

We brought the computer; good cheap entertainment.

Nate's bed

It was a good home base and they served breakfast every morning-- if you could find your way back!! The elevator didn't work on the way down; so you had to walk.

You could get directly to the street from the apartment, but could only get back in through the front door of the hotel, and back through the labyrinth.

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