Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nona Mary Visits Budapest!

My mother is here for 2 weeks. Today we went to the Palace of Wonders, a children's science museum. They have great explanations for all the exhibits, and they're set up really well. But, as we mentioned before, Hungary is not "Dummy Proof".  There is one exhibit- a big pulley, essentially a human yoyo, and the kids just hang onto this handle and pull themselves on it. Nate is good at it, and ends up almost 5 or 6 feet off the ground. There's no strapping in, no harness. There's a pretty big mat under the human yoyo, so when your hands give out, you fall on something soft (you hope), but there's no one watching that other children don't walk underneath it. So-- watch your kids and if they're stupid, they probably won't contribute to the gene pool.

Nate and Jack lifting a car at the Palace of Wonders kid's museum.

There was a crazy camera that recorded movement-- we thought it looked like modern art.

Jack pulling himself up with pulleys.

I'm the fastest ! Nate is incredulous!

After the museum, eating gulyas. (goulash).

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