Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Update

Finally the weather was "as promised"- a beautiful fall day! We went for a hike Sunday with another family from the school. They have a 5th grader, 1st grader who is in Jack's class, and an almost 5 year old. We hiked up the ridge behind our house in the conservation land surrounding Nagykovacsi.

The village of Nagykovacsi is behind/ beneath us on this side of the hill. Our house is kind of straight down below us. 

You can see Slovakia from here!

This was down the other side of the hill, along one of the trails. We didn't know what it was for, but thought it might be something left over from the communist days, as the carving on it shows these people working together to lift up this heavy block. But the date on the block is 1926, so it's too early for the Communists.  Not sure. There was some other commemoration near it with a wreath and a Hungarian flag, but it was all in Hungarian, so-- outta luck. Can't read that either. 

Jack is the star hiker- never a complaint! First up the hill, holds my hand if I tell him to, always listens when we're on the trail. Abby- the little girl in pink.... um-- not so much. Shouts to be picked up and carried, won't hold anyone's hand, walks right to the edge of the drop off, and then defiantly turns her back. Nice......  I hope it isn't catchy, that's for sure. I think she'll outgrow it, as the parents are not pushover types at all, and the other kids are better listeners. Maybe it's just like Nate's "King Phase" that we hoped would pass quickly, but lasted Far Too Long in my recollection. 

The top of the hill is bare- I don't think they cut it or anything; and I don't really think it's "above tree line" in the sense that the White Mountains are; I'm not sure about this- if it was cut at one time and then didn't grow back.

Hey Kids-- wait for us!

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