Thursday, May 12, 2011

Epic Fail

Well, Just when I think I'm doing really well with my Hungarian classes, I go out into the world and fall flat on my face while trying to do something as basic as shop at a "Big Box Store"-

This was the problem today. One of the problems really. I got in line at the cashier, and she held it up and said something unintelligible to me. It could have been "E két, ​​egy ma már tudjuk, akkor kap egy másikat, mert ez ingyenes"  ("This is two-for-one today; you should go get another one because it's free." Or she could have been saying, "Ez a dolog okoz rákot, olvastam a hírekben. Ez mind pedig emlékeztetett holnap."  ("This stuff causes cancer; I read it in the news. It's all being recalled tomorrow.") I just don't know.... I never will. 

I trotted out my usual "Sajnálom, én nem beszélek jól magyarul." (I'm sorry, I don't speak Hungarian well.") Usually, if someones speaks a little English they will confess at this point, feeling sorry that I'm such a total illiterate, and repeat what they said in English. Not today. She repeated her warning, (or her offer), and pointed vaguely down the aisle toward customer service, where I might either pick up my free goods, or return it for a full refund. She looked expectantly at me for some sign of comprehension, and then -- she gave up. 

I smiled like the simpleton I am, bagged my cancer causing, two-for-one stain remover, and left.  I don't know why I feel like such a loser over this one particular thing. There are literally hundreds of things that have happened to me just like this. This one just felt-- bigger. Maybe because she really, Really wanted me to understand. Maybe because I thought I just might be able to. It's just humbling I guess. 

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Liz said...

Hi Jane,
And what did it turn out to be? Did you ever find out?