Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bled, Slovenia

We drove from Budapest to Bled over the weekend. We went with another family, which was a Great Way to travel. The kids played in the pool and we got to hang out with other adults.  Bled is a beautiful town. We stayed on the "quiet side"of the lake, in Hotel Triglav. It was a great place and the view from the hotel restaurant was wonderful. Pretty much the view from everywhere was wonderful.

We didn't really have a window in our room, but a skylight. So, this was the view from our room if you stood on a chair. Which of course, I did. The island is behind the pine tree.
Our hotel was the yellow one with the red roof.

We brought ripstiks and scooters for the kids and we walked around the lake and hiked up to the castle for another amazing view of the area.

The we rented rowboats and rowed out to the island in the center where they have a very beautiful church at the top of the small island. It's Wedding Central. We were there for an hour and saw three weddings. People get rowed out to the island in the pletna boats, walk up the steep steps and get married, then get rowed across the lake to receptions at one of the hotels. Not too shabby.
Here's a pletna boat. Later in the day the sun came out and it was beautiful. Even more beautiful.

Here's the "Big Boys' Boat" We beat them back to the docks by the way.
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