Monday, May 16, 2011

Barlangfürdő Miskolc and Lillafüredi Pisztrángtelep

Okay-- I don't expect you to know this one, and I couldn't write it by myself. Had to cut and paste from the internet. What a fun weekend we had! This place was Seriously Cool.

A cave bath in a big park. Thermal waters in the cave.  Here are the pics.

We went with another family - they're Hungarian and knew about this place because the husband is from the area. 

Zsolt also knew about this cool fish farm, in a town called Lillafüred.  We took a train from the town up the hill. It was an old narrow gauge railway. The ticket checker walked along the outside of the train and suddenly appeared next to you, to check your ticket, or sell you a ticket. 

We walked down the hill to this house and farm. There are lots of picnic tables, and you can get fish and french fries, pickles, and beer.  It was a trip! 

There was one guy, scooping up the fish with a net, and dumping them into a barrel. Then he would pick up each fish, decide if it was big enough, and either throw it back to grow some more, or club it with a metal rod, and throw it into another bucket. 

Then, the guy in the grey shirt would carry the fish to the cleaning stand, where they'd be gutted and washed, and then to the fryolator. 

This way to the WC.
This way to the food. 
Fish and Fries, Pickles and Beer.  A ride on a train and a swim in the cave. Doesn't get much better than this!

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