Saturday, March 12, 2011

The RamsauHof Hotel and Spa- or- Naked Austrians Everywhere

We found this place on line; it was lovely and included breakfast and dinner. The room was cute, and the view was great.

The spa was beautiful and clean and sunny.  Here's how it looked early in the morning. There were massage rooms and saunas and a steam room. There was a tea pot in the corner of the room, and fresh towels at your fingertips. 

We went to the spa after our day of skiing to relax. Right as we were about to walk into the sauna, a big hairy ass was in the door of the sauna. Nate did a quick turn around, his face frozen in fear and disgust-- "what the hell is happening here?" it clearly said. Nate is not used to Austrians and Germans, who take off their clothes all the time under any conditions and at any age. Nate thinks there should be an age limit, after which you should not be able to take your clothes off. Clearly these people do not agree.

He said, "Mom, let's go in the steam room instead." So, we did. And there was Another Naked Austrian, this time a middle aged woman with large breasts. Nate put his head down and averted his eyes. Covered them actually. He was trying hard to breathe through his nose, but after a few minutes, he just had to leave. The ass we had seen in the door of the sauna was now in the shower with his small son. Nate made a hasty retreat to the pool, which had been a safe zone only a few minutes before. On his way there, three partially naked women were in front of the mirrors, drying their hair. Nate walked faster.

Then, just when he thought he was safe, there was an older woman showering at the pool. There are no shower curtains for privacy. There is no need; they're Austrian! Nate stayed under water for a long time. When the older woman left, she was replaced by an even older naked Austrian woman.  Nate was seriously shaken up at this point. "Mom- there should be a rule that if you're going to go naked in public, you should be young and beautiful."  Sorry, dude. No such rule.


moelladeville said...

Hilarious, but where are the pix of the naked Austrians?

Cheryl said...

Tell Nate to avoid the topless beaches in Nice, France. It's not as pretty as it might sound.

allison tait said...

LOL - now there's an education! Despite the naked Austrians, it looks like a beautiful place.

Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.