Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's a dzsungel out there!

Jack and I were walking around downtown Budapest this weekend when Nate was away in Istanbul.  Here's a place I liked- I like the idea of having some guy that looks like a Greek god over the window.

DZS is a letter in Hungarian; it comes after the letter "DZ" (of course) and right before the letter E. It makes the sound of the letter "J". Étterem is the Hungarian word for restaurant, so this place is the crazy cafe and "jungle" restaurant. 

Here's the Nyugati pályaudvar- the railway station. Lots of pickpockets here, or so I'm told. Someone from school who is the consul at the embassy said that he sees LOTS of young tourist who "lost" their passports right after they got off the train at Nyugati; it was just in their back pocket, and then-- gone. 

This is the Szabadság híd (freedom bridge). Jack drew a beautiful map of Budapest, including all the bridges he knows. This is his favorite. He loves the Erzsébet híd as well, the Elizabeth Bridge. And when Liz and Nate were here, we all called her Erzsébet. At first, I don't think she liked it, but by the end of the week, she loved being Erzsébet.  No good pictures of the bridge though- will try next week.

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