Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nordic Skiing- All the parts I like without having to go downhill fast

Day Two of our Austria Ski weekend. My ungrateful, miserable, wretched children complained- COMPLAINED I say- that they didn't want to go cross country skiing in Filzmoos on the most beautiful cross country ski loops Ever. They only wanted to go downhill at Schladming again. And they wouldn't let it drop. At all. All through Dinner. Over and over and OVER again. Talking about how they loved downhill skiing and no one wanted to go cross country and it was Bo-ring and why couldn't they just go back to the terrain park.....

So-- I finally pulled the Mother Trump Card- Guilt.

"You know," I said, easing the gear into first, "I don't really like downhill skiing.  In fact, it scares me." (this they knew, based on my pathetically slow descent on every run). "But we went together today as a family, and I didn't complain even once that I didn't like what we were doing." Now, the engine was purring, and I was hitting the gas. "In fact, I'm sure you didn't even know that I didn't like skiing. Because I wanted to make sure that you were having a good time." And Nate immediately caved. I never even eased it into the passing lane. "Okay, Mom; you're right... Jack- we're going cross country skiing tomorrow." Jack looked mystified. He clearly is not as susceptible to Mother Guilt as Nate is. He didn't know what had happened. Maybe he just needs a few more years of practice!!

And you know what? As soon as we got there, they put their skis on while Kent and I bought tickets to the gondola, and skied down the little hill by the lift and side stepped back up it, and skid down it again. They were already having fun, in the parking lot. Miserable Wretched Ungrateful Children. And then we took the gondola to the top to Ski Amade and the Loipe (cross country runs) and they had a blast and skied hard and had fun and did I mention that they had FUN??

And, as I mentioned, cross country skiing is all the parts of skiing that I like- being outdoors in the winter (without being cold), exercise, great views, sparkling snow covered trees and mountains. And not going downhill fast. In my opinion, the best of all possibilities.

The trails were beautifully groomed- 2 parallel tracks about 5 feet apart and then an adjacent groomed area for skating. Amazingly beautiful.

Nate found a tree house that needed climbing. Then everyone decided they needed to climb it.  And throw snowballs at me.

Back at the gondola, Jack is tired after his long ski. And Nate was Starving. But we all had a great day.

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moelladeville said...

Excellent use of mom guilt. What amazing pix.