Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Nagy Vásárcsarnok - the central market hall

This is the central market across the Szabadság Bridge (Freedom bridge) on the Pest side. I went to buy some Asian ingredients. This is one of the few places you can find things like oyster sauce, Asian noodles, lemon grass, different rices, etc. But you can also find things like sertés-és marhahús (pork and beef meat) and zöldség es gyümölcs (vegetables and fruits). And paprikas, of course. 

 And Pick salami.

And füstöltáru (smoked goods)- like somehow you need a whole store for smoked things other than Pick salami. 

And eggs. Don't forget the peppers  to grind your own paprikas. (hanging from the ceiling)

I had a lovely time, and flirted with the butcher. I definitely have a thing for burly guys in white aprons holding a meat cleaver...

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