Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where is Chico Now?

We went to see Chico, our local baby jaguar. He lives at the Győr Zoo now, or so it seems from the webpage.  See him there on the top right corner?

And they've got a whole photo gallery of him
He's so very handsome!

So, we drove all the way there (hour and a half) but he was nowhere to be found. We tried to ask the people who worked there about him (but of course we had little luck because they don't speak English and we don't speak Magyarul.) Sigh. All we got was "Nincs." ("There isn't any." ) So- who knows when he's really going to be there.  The zoo is kind of a sad place- run down and small.

The animals walk right up to you, wanting a hand out of some sort, because of course, people feed them.
They gave us up pretty quickly, since we had nothing interesting for them. The petting zoo had a Mangalica pig, the famous pig of Hungary.

This is what I mean about it being a sad and run down place. These dead chicks were actually food for the otters. It was pretty gross. Hope I didn't wreck your day.... We decided it was time to leave.

We walked around the city of Győr for a while and had lunch there. It was a nice town and an important one, according to Wikipedia.  Occupied since ancient times, by the Celts and the Romans, and then fought over and conquered as all of Hungary has been by numerous other people- the Mongols, the Turks, the Ottomans, the Nazis. 
The town center was pretty deserted. 
This looked like a Masonic Lodge, with the eye over the door. 

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