Friday, February 4, 2011

Terez and Fabi

We spent all day Saturday at school, Nate had a basketball tournament and there was a "Math Counts" competition at school as well. We hosted 2 middle school girls at our house Thursday and Friday night for the Math Counts competition. Fabi and Terez.

We really enjoyed having the girls over and hope that they enjoyed having a cross cultural visit. We taught them how to play "Spoons" which was pretty raucous. Terez taught us a variation on Spoons, which she called "Blow Up Face"- instead of grabbing a spoon, you puff out your cheeks when you have four of a kind. Then you have to constantly look at the other players, to see if anyone else is puffing up their face and puff up yours, too. The last person who catches on to puff up their cheeks is the loser. It was wildly funny. One game, Nate was talking and talking, and clearly NOT paying attention, because no one was even answering him, because we were all puffed up..... Finally he caught on, looked up, puffed up, and realized it was all for naught-- Too late.

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