Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Skiing at Jasna!

We had a great time at the Hotel Tri Studničky in the Tatras Mountains of Slovakia. Jack learned to ski and is probably one lesson away from being a better skier than his mother......
The mountain was crowded, with lots of different languages being spoken. We tried to encourage Nate and Nate to use their language skills to find a couple of pretty French or German girls, but they didn't seem to have much luck. Or maybe they're just not telling us....
 Coming off the gondola; getting ready to ski together.

One more photo opportunity. 

 Looking up the beginner slope. Jack is on his way down with the ski instructor in his first lesson.
Here's Jack below in a crouch. The instructor is in red and blue to the right of him.

 One more lesson and I think he will be a better skier than I am.

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