Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Lost in Translation" Slovakian Style

We had a little trouble with some of the items on the menu at the Hotel Tri Studničky; it was like that movie with  Bill Murray, except we weren't jet lagged. Although Liz and Nate might have still been a bit behind.  Here's what was on the menu one night: Open ravioli with fish chunks.  We ordered one, just to see what in the heck it was. It turned out it was lovely- wide pasta noodles with salmon in a lemon dill sauce. Should have ordered more than one....

Here's what was on the menu last night
No one was brave enough to order offal- we decided it was where the word "awful" derived. Kent got the pork knuckle sorry no picture. But here's Nate and Nate's reaction to fried trout....

Here is Jack backing away from his trout; they were horrified that the head was on it. 

Here are the "side dishes" on the menu- remember that old joke: "What's an Irish 7 course Meal?" Answer: "A six pack and a potato." 
Here, there's plenty of beer, it's true.  But the potatoes -- count 'em- 6 ways.

Here's what was on the menu the day we left. We wanted to stay and see what the "foam" was.

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Amanda Kendle said...

Hilarious menus! I just posted a pic on my blog's facebook page yesterday showing a Slovak menu offering "typical Czech rotten cheese in potato rucksack" (no, I didn't order it!). I lived in Bratislava and loved travelling around eastern/central Europe so I'm off to enjoy more of your blog!