Friday, August 20, 2010

Andrea- our Fairy Godmother!

 When we found a house, we hit the "fairy godmother" lottery. Andrea and her father were taking care of the house, because the owner lives in California. As we've talked to other people about their situation, we realized how fortunate we are!  Her father Attila speaks German, but no English. We speak only enough German to understand that the trash pickup is Wednesday.

She has been so kind to us, and has helped us in so many ways. She and her father came back to the house the first night we were there, because somehow we had turned the heat on in the house, and then turned the hot water off, trying to turn the heat off.... It was a hot August night, and the floor was hot from the radiant heating system under the floor, and the hot water was off.  The kids were in their bathing suits, trying to use the jacuzzi and the water was icy cold. She and her father came over at 9 PM to read the manuals for the very complex systems installed in the house.  She and Attila were quite cheerful about the whole thing and managed to reset everything at about 10:30 that night. The floor stayed hot until much later.

She has taken me shopping for supplies and food, made cake for us, brought us homemade jam, helped us get the internet running in the house, made sure we have the correct sticker so the trash gets picked up, given us rides, watched the kids on parent's night at school, the list goes on.  We are feeling very fortunate indeed to have found Andrea. I will try and include a picture of her and her beautiful kids Fanni, Orsi, Dori, and Gary.  She's coming over tonight to bail us out yet again, because last night the door broke. No kidding.

The house looks really nice at first glance, but we've realized how many things are cheaply made as we've been there a couple weeks. Last night we came home, and the door gave up the ghost. The way you have to close the door is strange. There is a handle that you have to first push down, and then push up in order to fully close and latch the door. Nate has been having trouble with it, and I thought he was just being thick. Last night, he couldn't get it to close, so I came over to do it- a bit disgusted that after 3 weeks he stil can't shut the door.  And the thing just let go-- spun all the way around without latching or unlatching. Now, this was interesting, as we were kind of locked in. I sent Andrea a text. I know she thinks I'm insane, but the door really is broken. One more for the fairy godmother~!

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