Thursday, August 19, 2010

Murdered in our beds....

We had a really strange thing happen last night. 3:30 in the morning, ALL OF A SUDDEN, there was this horrible scream-- it sounded like some woman was being attacked. We're all sleeping in the living room, because we have no furniture yet, and so we were camped together on mattresses on the floor.

Then Nate started screaming too- I thought we were all being murdered in our beds. I jumped up and realized that it was the cats fighting upstairs in the empty house, and the screams were echoing all over the place. I ran up the stairs and separated the cats, but then Cookie was just this psycho thing out of a movie. He chased Weasley, screaming the whole time, like HE was the one being chased. 

We were trying to figure out what had happened. Nate said he was having a bad dream when the cat screaming started, and that's what started HIM screaming. Everyone was so shook up, and Cookie was still stalking Weasley like some nutcase. Then we realized we couldn't find Squeak. There's no place to hide in the house, because we have no furniture, and both Kent and I looked in the basement and under the stairs and in the closets. And then we remembered that we had had pizza delivered that night, and thought maybe she got out. So, at 4 AM I was outside looking for her. And at 4:30 Kent was out too. Then she finally skulked out from behind Nate's mattress and underneath the radiator- it was this tiny space that she had hidden in because she was so scared with all the shrieking.  So, at 4:30 AM we decided I should read a chapter or 2 of the book I'm reading to Jack, so we could all go back to sleep. 

All forgiven now

We couldn't figure out how the whole thing started, and Cookie was being SUCH a psycho we actually had to lock him up in his cat crate that night and the next day because he kept going after Weasley. Nate was beside himself, thinking we'd have to give him away. (I'd LIKE to give him away...)  The next night we let him out and he and Weasley seemed to have forgiven each other for whatever happened.

Later we saw the strange cat by the backdoor. Cookie must have seen him and then Weasley must have surprised him from behind or something, and that started the whole mess. Everyone seems a little more settled now, but I hope that the neighborhood cats just stay away from my psycho cat. My nerves can't take it. 

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