Monday, August 23, 2010

Going to School

Getting to school is a challenge. We have to walk- very fast, to get to Tizan Istvan Ter, where we catch the number 63 bus to the school. We have to leave by 7:20 and walk down to town to catch the 7:42 bus.  It's never a given that we're going to make it. Usually we do, unless the game of "kill the guy" gets too intense. How it works is this.   

There are lots of plum trees all along the road. The plams are ripe now, and some of them are overripe. The boys choose a "drop" (because I won't let them ruin perfectly good fruit that we could pick and eat). Then, the kids hurl the plum down onto the dirt road, hoping to split "him" (it's always him) open. They retrieve the same plum and repeat the hurling until "his heart pops out." Then "the guy" is dead, and they start over. 

On the way there are other distractions. Dorca is our favorite dog.  She comes running over, dragging her blanket with her to get pats from the kids. Some days she has an orange pull toy that she brings instead.

Nagyszenas means "big hayfield".  
Here's the hayfield. The town has a lot of new building going on; I wonder how long the hayfield will be used, or if it will become like so many developments in the US, named for stuff they wrecked when they built it.

There are a lot of people who have chickens in their yard. Isn't he a handsome fellow!!
Here's the Templom, the church.  There's a path from the road to the church; we're almost there! The bus is here; hop on board!

It's only a 10 minute ride on the bus. Now the day starts for real!

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