Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lying in Bed

This is a post for my dear friend Melissa and I'd really like your help. Whether you're reading this regularly, or just stumbled on this page or something in between, please read on and contribute your ideas or prayers or good wishes or whatever else....

Melissa is in the hospital on bed rest for potentially the next 12 weeks, until her baby is born. She's nervous, worried, as well as capital "B" Bored. Any ideas about:

  • A Good Book to Read
  • A Good Use of Time for Long Afternoons
  • A Calming Meditation
  • A Laugh Out Loud Movie
  • A Soothing Tea (since margaritas seem to be off the list of "doctor approved relaxation methods")
  • A New Band not to be missed

Have you been in this position? What helped you?  I told her she should start a blog, but who knows where that may lead! Please post your ideas; I'll share them in a Top Ten List (I'm optimistic if nothing else-- maybe a Top Three List)

Thanks for your input!

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Marjorie said...

A good book to read -- The Help (just released as a movie, but read the book first). A good use of time for long afternoons -- I love logic puzzles, but you either love them or hate them. There's a great book called all about me that she could complete for her future child (because we all know she won't have time when the baby comes). A calming meditation -- look on YouTube for loon calls. A Laugh Out Loud movie -- one of my favorites is Lost in America. Old, but funny. A soothing tea is Celetial Seasoning's Orange Mandarin Spice. A new band not to be missed -- don't have any new ones, but she should become acquainted with cool kids bands, so she's not stuck listening to Barney. I recommend Raffi (classic) and Trout Fishing in America (toungue-in-cheek humor for moms). I have not been in that position, but I can say as I sit here at the office that from here, it doesn't seem so bad. Rest while you can, and enjoy the silence. Your world is about to be rocked. Hoping everything turns out happy and healthy!