Saturday, January 22, 2011

January- Blech!

I've been very very remiss in writing. I get kind of "stuck" at this time of year and 2011 is no exception I guess. So, I'll ease my way back into it by posting some pictures.

When we got back January 8th (? something like that), it had snowed a lot. Then it got warm, creating this crazy fog bank for about a week, and making it "mud season" in January.  Most of January has looked just like this:

No view- nothing but fog.

This is the same view down to the village that is my home page; looks kind different, huh?

Then we got a clear day, and here's the beautiful sunrise. I was so insanely grateful to see the sky, to get a break from the interminable grey.

This is the view from our living room. It's probably the one thing I'll miss when we go home. I might be too cynical saying that, but it feels true right now.

And here is the beautiful sunset from the same day:

So-- back at it; one day at a time.

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