Monday, November 8, 2010

Nate's Football Triumph!

Well, Okay-- so it's soccer to us.

Nate played in the CEESA Tournament last weekend-  Central and Eastern European Sports Association Tournament, while I was making burgers for the Volunteer Squad, being told that it was not permissible to speak. His team ended up winning the entire tournament and was a great end to the soccer season for Nate. He worked hard to get on the A team, and was rewarded for his hard work! You go, Nate!!

Here are some pics from the day.

Nate is wearing red socks, and he's not in every picture, because sometimes I just liked the light in the photo, or the background, or the way the other players looked.

Clear the ball out of there, Nate!


Nate was the "Sweeper"- the last defender before the goalie.  Not much chance to score a goal, but he has an important job to do.

The village of Remeteszőlős in the background.

The Goalie kicks it away.

That's a happy kid!

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Cheryl said...

Go Nate! Sweeper is an awesome position, and the one I played in high school. Our team was in its first season and we were 13-1. Okay, we were actually 0-13-1.

The pics are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. xo