Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All Saint's Day

We got invited to the cemetery on Monday night for All Saint's Day. Andrea and her family described it as "beautiful" but I thought it sounded creepy. But, no-- I was wrong. It was beautiful and very moving. I think it's one of the best things we've done so far here in Hungary, and it sure beats the pants off kids dressing up and begging for candy!

The kids were very interested in this one- a grave of a 15 day old baby. 

This section of the cemetery was very busy. Many many people were out; some to visit their specific grave sites, but others, like us, just to see the cemetery and honor the dead.

I think I moved the camera on this photo; these were just normal candles. But the effect is kind of cool. 

This inscription was in German. There was a large German population in Nagykovacsi until after WWII. A lot of people of German descent were rounded up after the war, and transported over the border- exiled from the country by this sense of collective guilt, much like the way the US rounded up people of Japanese descent. 

I like this tradition; I'm thankful we got to be part of it! 

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